Campaign Types

Whether you are an endemic brand looking to influence an immediate sale, a local business seeking higher foot traffic or a national media buyer aiming for omnichannel engagement, look no further than Crane Media Network!

Our dynamic location-based targeting features and over-the-air content delivery facilitate everything from point of sale to hyper local and cross-platform campaigns at the scale you need to make a difference.


Point of Purchase Influence

Did you know that a whopping 80% of vending consumers approach the machine not knowing what to buy? Use our screens to to help them decide and reward them for good choices made!


Hyperlocal and Cross-channel 

Want to reach consumers who are within minutes or a few feet of your brand's retail outlets? We can do that. 

How about re-engaging those same consumers with sequential messaging? No problem! Through our mobile partner apps and sites, we'll help you do that an more!

Bottom line, we'll ensure that your content is displayed to captive viewers in the places, times and contexts you want. 

Here are some examples of the inventory spots available to help you reach your goals!


Inventory Options


Continuous Loop Creates Awareness

Your static, flash or video message plays while the machine is idle, so both passers-by and approaching customers notice it.



Pre-Purchase Influences Trial

Your static, flash or video message appears when a consumer touches the display. This spot usually serves as a recommendation or purchase suggestion.



Post-Purchase Activates Cross-Channel Behaviors

Your static, flash or video message appears during the 11+ seconds of user idle time - while he or she is waiting for their product to be delivered.  Where else are you going to get 11+ seconds of your audience's undivided attention? 


Reporting and Insights

For each campaign you run with us, we provide detailed reports, including total impressions served, engagements made and conversions yielded.